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Chiropractic New Patient Special

Are You Ready to get rid of your physical pain once and for all?

Then this is for YOU…

Here’s what ya get:

2 Chiropractic Adjustments for $69

On top of that you’ll have the opportunity to consult with one of our amazing doctors.

During that consultation/exam he will scan of your nervous system and see how well your nerves talk to your muscle groups.

Then, do a Thermal Scan to see where the energy is flowing and inflammation is growing (helps him pinpoint problem areas.)

For the last scan, he will measure your Heart Rate Variability to determine how well your body is dealing with stress.

All of this will give you a Core Score (pay attention to this score, it’s like your Sleep Number!)

The score will help us identify problem areas and create the best plan of action to get your body pain free as soon as possible!

Oh also…

  • There’s No long term obligations (or any at all!)
  • No hard-close sales atmosphere. (We aren’t a car salesman over here, just healers!)
  • Same day Appointments are available.
  • Plus, 76% off our normal rates! (For new patients only)

We are Voted Best of the Best for the past 3 years and we want to EARN YOUR TRUST.

Call (952) 492-3222 or Text (507) 205-3001 to Grab Your Offer before it’s gone!


Chiropractic New Patient Special Jordan MN | (952) 492-3222