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Can it really make a difference?

So many people don’t start because they know how much work they have to do and simply are afraid of how far they have to go.  But what is the cost of waiting?  Is it another #headache that sends you to bed early which means another night of not catching up on the day with your spouse?  Is it another school recital skipped because you know what sitting in those bleachers for two hours will do to your lower back? Or is it going to be another night of beating yourself up because you said today was going to be the day where you got back on track and when it didn’t happen you lay in your bed telling yourself how much of a disappointment you are and that you’ll never lose those pounds that have been adding up?

There are a million different scenarios, trust me I am not immune to them either.  But there is ONE answer, just do it.  #Nike has been telling us for decades.  Action cures fear.  How long can you let the cost of inaction add up?  How deep is that ‘bank account?’

Do you need help?  Pick up the phone and let my team schedule some time to see what #advantage we can add to your #life.  We do it everyday, but the most important day for you is today.  I look forward to seeing if we can help.


Dr. Jeff May


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