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Pediatric Chiropractic Care
at Advantage Health Center

Taking care of your children is a privilege. At Advantage Health Center, we believe that it’s easier to raise healthy kids than to try to fix problems when they become adults. Good habits start young, and we treat each child as if they were our own.

Anyone in today’s world experiences stress that affects the spine and nervous system. Children may not be able to tell you when they hurt, but the stress affects them nonetheless. Only 10% of the nervous system feels pain, so it’s important they see a chiropractor to stay healthy. Childhood is the most developmentally important stage of life. Wouldn’t you want to proactively promote your child’s health during their early years?

The Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic

We believe that one of the best benefits is happy parents! Many childhood ailments such as ear infections are often harder on Mom and Dad than they are on the baby or child, who will soon forget their pain. We see babies and children who sleep well, digest properly, have regular bowel movements and hit all their milestones thanks to chiropractic care.

What if My Child Feels Nervous about seeing a Chiropractor?

It’ll make a big difference to your child that they see numerous other young practice members in our office. We find that in nearly every case, they’re excited to jump on the kids’ Jeep adjusting table! If the child doesn’t feel comfortable and ready, we won’t force it. We love to have fun with them and talk to them, ensuring they know we’re here to help them, and find that this dialogue makes a big difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new patient process?

It’s much the same as it is for any other practice member, though the consultation might be shorter.

How do you adjust children?

When you check a tomato’s ripeness, that’s about the same amount of pressure it takes to adjust a baby or toddler. Dr. Jeff is extremely gentle.

Can my child become addicted to chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is not a treatment like medications. It helps your child become healthier by removing interference from their nervous system. It’s not another form of medicine that they “need,” but rather something to be excited to have in your life.

Get Started Today

We’re happy to see emergency cases and accept walk-ins. Contact us today to find out more about family health chiropractic care!

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