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Ear Infections and a Pediatrician

For those of us that have been parents for longer than a year, the odds are staggering that we have had a night where our deep slumber has been shattered by a scream of pain from another room.  You rush in and flip on the lights, still partly asleep as you look at your child, red in the face, screaming as they are violently tugging at their ear.

Or at lease I think that’s how it goes, because out of 4 kids none of them have ever had an ear infection.  Now before your mind races to the negative and skeptical and starts saying things like, ‘well they’ve probably never been in daycare or public school, because that’s where all the germs are.’  3 out of my four kids spent several years in daycare and two of them are in public school. I write this with the purpose of helping and not shaming.  I’ve sat with dozens of kids and their parents facing this problem.

Ear Infections are a disruptor to the flow of life.  Everything about them, the pain your child suffers, the pain you suffer from having to take off work make doctor appointments which only lead to antibiotics which cause an increase in subsequent infections which leads to more antibiotics and then tubes!  Your child usually under the age of 5 already having a surgery!?!

Feel free to comment if you are the type of person who wants research links.  You know the kind of person who wants to see the research and then complains about the evidence and still remains in disbelief.

I thought I would attach a video I did nearly 3 years ago with my family’s pediatrician Dr. Bob Zajac.  Watch and listen and if you need help, no matter where you are, contact my office today.


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.55.55 PM


Dr. Jeff

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