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It's not mine!

Funny thought today as I was watching my soon to be 2 year old (Theo) play with my soon to be 4 year old (Louis).  If you are a parent you can relate to this I’m sure.  So Louis was playing with some of his toys off to one side of the room while Theo decided he wanted to play with the same toys.  Of course there are plenty of toys that aren’t being played with at the time but as a parent I know kids only want to play with the toy that the other kids are playing with.

What ensued was the classic argument of increasing volume with the popular phrase ‘It’s MINE!’ Can you relate?

My challenge with this post is to stir up your inner child and get you to take ownership of something a bit unorthodox.  I want you to take a moment and look at your health challenges, what ever they may be, whether its pain of some sort, fatigue, anxiety, depression, or whatever comes to mind, look yourself in a mirror and say ‘It’s MINE!’

I want you to take ownership of the choices that have led you to your current results.  If you hate your results own them anyway.  Just don’t stay there. The first step towards change, real change is looking at the facts and knowing that if your choices got you to where you are that YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR WAY to a better future!  Seriously think about that today and start giving yourself an advantage by choosing better for you.


Dr. Jeff

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