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The Chiropractic Scam(s)

I’m no stranger to the ‘scams’ within chiropractic. I remember my senior year of college before heading to chiropractic school and coming across an anti-chiro website warning students like me to never go to chiropractic school. I remember sitting there thinking, did I make a mistake, have I derailed my entire life’s career? Had just signed federal loan papers that would eventually total over 125 thousand for an education that would lead to a sham and shady profession?!?

The next thing I knew it was September 2004 and I was sitting listening to Dr. Rob Scott orchestrate a beautiful and articulate welcoming speech to 170 incoming students who were out to become doctors of chiropractic (D.C.)

Now after nearly a decade after graduating with that degree and after over a 150,000 patient adjustments in private practice, I can tell you that I’ve heard and have seen all sorts of scams between the public and the profession but it’s not what you are thinking.

I’m not talking about the things you’ve heard about ‘once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go’ or ‘adjustments are okay but just don’t let them touch your neck.’ The list goes on and the conclusion is that no matter what the profession there is and always will be range of experiences and unknowingly false beliefs that dictate our actions. For example medical doctors used to tell you smoking was healthy, aren’t we all glad that got sorted out?

Scam: a dishonest scheme

The scam I am speaking of is the one that you have heard that chiropractic is for pain and that chiropractors crack your back to put ‘bones that are out of place pinching nerves back into place off of nerves.’

One of my favorite things to see in peoples eyes is the realization and power of possibility. They realize that pain relief is a mere side effect of chiropractic in the same way weight loss is a side effect of exercise. Foundational requirements for a healthy life do not care how you feel or what the scale tells you, they still remain requirements.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I am so grateful that I didn’t let those fears stop me from pursing the calling to provide an advantage in the life of everyone I can. Had I not, who knows where Brodie would be today.

You can watch part of his story here.


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